I'm Evonne Chiu

UI/UX Designer, Windows System Engineer @Compal

I visualize data and information through building up end-end user interface.
I was the lead of Website Design in Eco-System Company.
Love Exploring, Making and Advocating modern design in Web UI and Graphics.

UI Designer / Website Lead
Material Design is a visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science. The foundation of Material Design is based heavily around motion. During its conception, I am very familier with systematic motion guidelines for UI. These guidelines are now used by any products that adopt the Material Design system.
View the Material Design Motion Guidelines
Watch the Material Design Motion Guidelines
Interactive Design
Graphics by TIER
Design Lead
TIER is Taiwan Institute of Enconomic Research.
When I was working there, I was in charged Venture Capital events graphic design, including each event's Poster and Banner. While it may not be around any longer, it still created lots opportunities for start-up companies.
Graphics by TIER from Jan 2017 to Mar 2018.
Energy Website
UI and Design Lead
Energy Website helps large corporations to monitor their equipments efficiency. Which is the key point to see if they can save extra unused energy and make profit of it.
It's very challenging to put masive data and charts into one dashboard page.
Learn more about Energy Website
D-Next Program
UI Lead
D-Next is initiated by the collaboration between PTT Digital, a subsidiary of PTT Group who holds the market cap of ~$40 Billion and RISE, a regional corporate accelerator in Thailand. I spent 3 months in Thailand as UI Lead, in charged of Design, Develope and Demo the customize user interface.
Learn more about D-NEXR Program by RISE.
UI Workshop
I have hold two UI workshop in both Singapore and Taiwan for our customer. The purpose is to train their design team, including introduce Development Process, how to create a Website Plan by defining Colour and Layout etc.
Learn more about UI Workshop

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